Saturday, February 5, 2011

They make me proud

The kids got their report cards this week. I was pleasantly surprised by the grades. Thomas got almost all B's and even a few A's. French was his only bad grade. He quiets French next week. We are moving him to a new school. He doesn't need to take French there. Philip got B's and C's. He got an A in Sports and Natural Science. Sarah doesn't get grades until next year. I really feared Thomas' grades because his first tests were pretty bad. Boy did I get a nice surprise.
Today Thomas and Nicole attended a music workshop at our church. Thomas and Nicole played in a band together. Thomas plays drums well, but it was his first band experience. There is talk about an on going youth group band. Perhaps he can be a part of that? I'm just so amazed at what a difference one year can make. The boys seemed to be sinking in a hole last year. They drove us crazy...and we had some really hard times. But we seem to be moving on...and they are really growing up. You know, many people only want to adopt girls. Last year I could say, I under stand why! But Jr high is a hard age for boys. I love my sons...and they really are beginning to surprise me in such good ways. I would still encourage people to adopt boys!

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