Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adoption is a gain but also a great loss

Tomorrow Sarah will turn 8 years old. I made her party invitations and we will bake cupcakes for school. I have no words to say what a gift she is to us. She is my best little friend, the Pearl of great price! But 8 years ago a women in China probably felt the pain of labor. And I don't know if she also felt the anxiety and grief knowing she may not keep this child?

Perhaps she already had a child, and in China you only get one? Perhaps she would have kept the baby if she was a he? But one thing I know for sure...she went through labor for Sarah. She gave life to our treasure. And a few hours later, she gave her away. She abandoned Sarah on a stone bench near a water treatment plant. Sarah's Chinese name means clean water. It's Chinese New Years in China. A time of national celebration. A constant reminder of the child she could not keep.

But I will never fail to remember this women...and thank God for her. She did not abort Sarah, she gave her life. And I pray we meet in heaven one day. I want to thank her for the treasure she gave us. I hope she feels comfort, I hope she just knows her girl is alive and doing very good! Dear God, thank you for Sarah's birth mom. God, thank you for her indiscribable gift. Please comfort and bless her.

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