Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah

Sarah was bouncing of the walls with excitement today. But she can get low at the smallest little thing. She sat on the stairs waiting for the bus to come. I heard the walkie talkies go off in her pack pack. I asked her to take them out, they are not allowed in school. She turned from over joyed to depressed in a New York second. And holding back the tears, climbed on the school bus proclaiming it a terrible day. I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach. Why does she feel like she has to buy her friends? Why can't she just have fun (with out cool toys)? Why can't she accept that she is wonderful the way she is. Her list of what she wanted for her birthday is not really her list at all. It is the stuff her "friends" want. It's the things she thinks she needs for them to like her. I wish for her a friend...a true and real friend. Someone who does not care where she came from, or what color her hair is. Someone who doesn't care what toys she has. Someone who just loves her...and will faithfully be her friend with or with out walkie talkies! I feel like dirt but I still have to bake a cake, and wrap birthday gifts! Too bad there isn't a Friends are Us store. I guess real friends are priceless...none of us could ever afford one. It is grace...friends are grace!

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