Monday, November 22, 2010

making the big bucks!

Sarah and I made cookies (see my last post). When Papa got home, he paid Sarah 10 cents for a cookie. So Sarah took the can of cookies to each member of the house. I said they should cost 5 cents each. Philip is her best customer, but so far everyone is buying cookies from Sarah! Today we plan on baking again. I love the power this brings to her! She is a little business women! It must be a Chinese thing...Philip and Sarah are just good at making money! I love it! No, I'm not going to charge her the cost of ingredients (just yet). I want to encourage her to take the step to make her own money. She is 7 years old. There is time to learn about overhead, and labor costs, transport costs and taxes. Right now I just want to give her some power!

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