Friday, November 19, 2010

they did not come

Sarah invited 2 girl friends from school to come make cookies this afternoon. I cleaned house. Sarah cleaned her room. We had the cookie sheets out, and the dough made. They didn't show up. I do not know why? I don't have the right phone number. Maybe there was just a misunderstanding? Sarah's language is very delayed. She cried crocodile tears. Poor baby! She needs a sister. Someone that's going to be there for her! We made the cookies together. It helped, but she is lonely!

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  1. I remember my first birthday party and mom said you only get two. I had to share with David all his friends came. I passed out invitations to my girl friends and had one left over so I gave it to a boy who begged me for it. I really didn't want him to come. He was the only one that showed up.
    It was the worst party ever and I knew I wasn't getting another one till I was 16. I made sure that party turned out.
    I remember being very sad from disappointment. I did learn disappointments happen and you have to deal with them. I think making cookies was great and a listening ear.