Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey Dad, we won!

Germany beat England 4 to 1 to reach the quarter finals of the world cup! Yes, it should have been 4 to 2…but it still adds up the same. And you could hear the shouts, the fireworks, and the horns every time Germany scored! So much fun! Juergen just returned from church with the kids. He said the street car was full of excited fans and the kids waved their flags all the way home. They took off to have a parade around the neighborhood. It’s so cute to see them…3 Asian kids waving the German flag! I love it! We have to play Argentina or Mexico next. Scary! If we manage to win the world cup, it’s going to be allot of fun around here!

1 comment:

  1. From the first game my money has been on Germany! They are looking good and today just proved it!
    I bet the kids are having a ton of fun!
    Even though the USA is out of it - our boys are constantly playing the Official World Cup theme song! Love it!
    Good luck Germany - we are cheering for y'all!