Friday, June 25, 2010

the yard looks good

The weather was beautiful and my garden was waiting. I got Sarah to water all the vegetables. She is a good worker, and she did a great job. Philip is all about football (soccer). He didn't want to help me. He took off to play ball. So about an hour after I begin cleaning up the yard Philip shows up with a friend and they both work hard. I rewarded them with money for ice cream. I'll never figure this kid out. He gets so distracted and is never very reliable. He can work...I guess I just need to pray he grows out of the ADHD and finds a job he really loves.
Philip also invited his friend to the preteen group at our church. He would bring his whole class to church camp if he could. He is very social. That's one of his strengths. I was thinking about the fact we all have strengths we can build on. This is very important with ADHD kids. They do allot of things poorly, you have to try to encourage them in what they can do. Philip doesn’t really know God yet. He is wild and he is no a saint…but he likes church. He loves camp. He has a good heart. He shares what he loves with his wild friends. On day they will all know Jesus. On day the God of this Universe will reveal a plan for them and it will not mater if they are not good in math . God will use them in a way that suites them fine. Maybe it will be gardening.

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