Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm just a mom, a real mom

The other night I was a counselor at church. I greeted some new people who happened to work at the same software company as Juergen. I told one of the women, who was very polished and beautiful that Juergen worked there too. The other women in their group asked me what department I worked in, she seemed kind of surprised when I a said I was a stay at home mom. In fact she could not control her loud”OH”! I felt little. It took allot of strength to keep calm and keep asking them questions. I was there to help give them direction...and I did. I am glad to be just a mommy! It is the biggest and most important job there is. My kids are not fact they are very challenging, but I am so grateful I got this job. The benefits (hugs, kisses, and even an occasional thank you) are pretty good! Sometimes I feel like the velveteen rabbit. When you are really loved your fur is loved off and gets pretty worn out, but you could never be ugly except to people who do not understand!


  1. You can't pay a real mom a salary in dollars. There just isn't enough money to pay one a fair wage :) The riches are in the hugs, kisses, smiles, laughter and love.

  2. I agree with Jill it takes a special person to go against the popular culture and stay home with your children.

    I love your velveteen Rabbit illustration. That is a good one.

    It's hard to hear the un approving sighs and the Oh "your just a Mom", comments.
    But to your children it means the world.

    But I believe it's the most important job to give your children the best love and roots to make it in todays culture that is so hard on people.

    It gives them a since of security like no other.

    When children feel loved at home no matter what and the world is hard on them they will know that they are loved at home.

    And they can stand.

    You can't pay a mom a salary in dollars. There isn't enough money to pay one a fair wage.

    The riches is that you installed in them God's love and nothing can take that away from them or you for it's eternal.

  3. There is no job more difficult and more rewarding than being a stay-at-home mom. It's a sacrifice and also a dream come true. Don't ever be made to feel "little". You are truly changing the world one little person at a time.

  4. I noticed the CNN video on your other blog and I was going to tell you about it.
    I agree with Jana, I think of Lissa and Nate both raised by at home mom's and now they touch hundreds of kids lives every summer at camp with love, and God's hope.