Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 years ago today...

2 years ago today I met my little hurricane Sarah. She was a force of nature, and remains so today. The kids are in the garden putting together the new ping pong table that just got delivered. My parents are coming from America on Saturday morning, so there is a rush of preparation going on. I am not sure if we will do anything special today. With 3 adopted kids, and 5 kids in total, you can not really make a big deal of all the special days, it would be way too much! Sarah is getting new rollerblades for Easter, and she will be spoiled by her grandparents. That's enough! This year Thomas is with us 5 years on April the 24th. I think we will do a joint gotcha day party then. Sarah has bonded very well to our whole family. It took allot of time, but it happened. She has speech delays (partly because she is learning English and German at the same time) , but she is basically healthy and very happy. We love her very much and we are extremely blessed to have her in our lives. I guess if she has taught me anything at all it's to hang in there and never give up! Her love did not come easy but its very sweet! I thank God for my girl!!!

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