Monday, April 6, 2009

answers to some of your questions

How do you run out of blog space? Blogger gives you 10GB of free photo space. After that they start charging you for space. I have a number of blogs registered under one name. It was not hard to fill the 10GB of space. I could load all my photos to my photo bucket account, then just post the photo bucket URL to blogger (I actually do this for my family blog), but I found it easier just to start Catching butterflies 3 under another user ID, and my yahoo e-mail account. I hope that makes sense. If you post few photos you will not have a problem. If you don't mind paying $20 a year, again you will not have a problem. I'm cheep so I just started a new blog!

How are the kids doing in school, and do I follow the German home school situation? Most of my 5 children are doing great in school. Jessica (the autistic one) has a new teacher that she loves. She also gets to see her old teacher...this was important to us. Thomas was having many troubles last year in school. He has ADHA, and began treatment about 9 months ago. He has made amazing progress. We are very proud!!! Sarah goes to a special kindergarten for children with speech delays. She loves her school, and she is doing fine. She will spend one more year in kindergarten just to gain a better foundation. I think she will also attend a school for kids that have speech delays and normal intelligence. Nicole is our star student. She goes to one of the best high schools in the country, and graduates , God willing in two years. She has so much work to do, but manages it very well. Philip is not doing well. He has some medical issues we are dealing with. I don't want to go into details until all the diagnostic work is complete, but we think he may have Addison’s Disease. Philip’s poor behavior could be explained by this problem. Anyway, I have hope he can also be transformed by treatment. He has been a pill to live with over the past months. I love him, but it has been hard. I get phone calls from the teacher, from parents…not fun! Some times I think he is destroying my reputation, what must they all think of us? Oh well, I guess I can take it. He is my kid! I can take the good with the bad. Right now he is messy, but he will grow up and make me so proud I’ll bust! I’m sure of it! As far as home schooling, I wish I could, but I would go to jail. I know a German family that is trying to get asylum in the USA so they can home school. I guess it means a great deal to them. I think now , Philip would have problems at home, as well as in school. I hope with treatment he will do OK in school. It is not in an ideal school, but its not worth moving for. Any move would come with a whole new set of problems.

I will not make my blog private for now. If you are considering adoption, I would just be careful about posting anything at all that could paint the country you wish to adopt from in a negative light. I'm a loud mouth American and I really love to exercise my freedom of speech. But I don't want to hurt any agency by saying something that could get them into trouble. I don't want to be so vocal about the needs of orphans, that I ruin my chance to adopt again. I do not have any specific information in this area, I just heard from one agency that families have been denied a petition to adopt because of blog posts. So...if you don't have something nice to say (about the home country) do not say anything at least until the adoption is final!


  1. I like how you have all your blog links on the side that's helpful.
    I have a friend young single gal with three kids who just found out her son has autism. Her name is Mary she is on my facebook and I told her about you. She would love to talk to you about autism.
    So do you recommend that I give her your driving jessica's taxi's site, or do you have other suggestions?

  2. I actually have two friends with children that have autism, Monica brubaker who is a chi alpha leader going to UofO in Eugene with her husband and 3 boys, and Mary Hodson they both are on facebook and maybe it would be easier if you could ask to be their friend on facebook. I gave Monica your information before and I don't think she ever heard from you.
    If you gave them the information directly it might work out better. I will give Mary the driving jessica taxi information.
    I have trouble with your email address and maybe that's why Monica had trouble.