Saturday, April 4, 2009

why does she try to adopt from Malawi?

I am not like most people, I am sure that the child would be better off being adopted. The only question I have is why not South Africa or Ethiopia or some other African nation? Why does she go out side of the law? I do not think children are better off in orphanages. I do not agree with Madonna on much, but I think she could parent a child better then an orphanage. I'm not her social worker and I'm not going to say she is not qualified. Actually, I think she has the resources and has done a pretty good job with the kids she has. All 3 of my adopted kids came out of orphanages. An orphanage is not what is best for any child! But there are plenty of kids in other countries that would allow her to adopt. I personally would love to adopt again from China but I can not because Germany says no. So if I adopt again it has to be from another country like Ethiopia. I totally don’t understand why she thinks she can go outside of the law? If it absolutely needs to be a child from Malawi, why doesn’t she just move there? She has the resources to do that too! If I want to I could move to the USA just so I could adopt from China again. Juergen will not do that, and I don’t feel like pushing it. Madonna is single so she has the freedom to just go to Malawi, wouldn’t that be a cool experience? Just imagine living in your Childs birth country for a few years. I wouldn’t want to live in China, but I just love Thailand. I could live in a beach house in Thailand for a few years if I just had to!

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  1. It is really hard to question someones motives I think. I imagine she visited there and fell in love with the land- like most people- she must feel a pull to that region and her people. as for moving there- it isn't as simple as you make it sound- yes she has the resources, but is that best for the other children she has? probably not. Things are never as they appear- she was granted permission to adopt her son- I imagine she wanted to add a sibling from the same culture- like most of us want to do- like you did for your sons and would like to do for sarah.....I agree with you- I don't agree with most of her image- but I don't know her- and I commend her for trying- and opening her heart to those who need a family.