Saturday, October 8, 2011

On the egg timer

Sarah likes to play with the girl next door but she doesn't like to clean her room. So today I let her play first. That was good for her. But then she had a raging fit when she had to clean. Sarah is full of rage. When she is upset she can not control her tone. Her voice get's stuck on scream, and that is all she does. We tried play therapy but it didn't work. I get so frustrated I just told her I'm going to leave the room when she screams. Nothing I say calms her down and the screaming just gives me a headache. So this is what we are doing now, walking out. And I hope it helps train her to stop this behavior. It isn't a behavior that wins her anything. Sarah is 8 years old but sometimes she acts like a spoiled 3 year old. You can not skip developmental stages. And I guess we just have to go through this stage right now. Parenting is not for weaklings. She has an egg timer in her room, I set it for 20 minutes. When that alarm goes off, she can leave her room. I guess you would call this a time out. Sarah is an awesome kid, but the screaming has got to go. God give me wisdom!

... The timer just went off! Sarah came in and said she was sorry. Now we are going to the store to buy root beer!

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