Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soccer dreams!

Soccer is called football in Germany. I just arranged for Thomas, Philip and Sarah to try out for the local team. They have pretty full boys teams so only the best boys get to play. Philip and Thomas have only played in school. Thomas is pretty gung-ho, but Philip is very afraid. But I think it would be very good for them all. The practices are Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7pm. Games are on Saturday. That's 3 times a week nearly every week of the year. The cost is only 40€ per year for the first child, 30€ for the 2nd child and 10€ for the 3rd child. They even buy the uniforms. I have to get Sarah shoes. I bought the boys shoes last week for school. So now they are in the garden playing ball. That big yard will come in handy. Sarah doesn't need to tryout. They have the space on the girls team. She is in. I hope both boys get in too. It's sure to bless them if they can be on a real team. Please pray they all get to play. They need a positive way to make local friends & feel accepted. Team sports are very good for this sort of thing! Thomas especially needs local friends. He has to travel an hour each way to school.

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