Saturday, April 2, 2011

More ours now

On April 9Th 2007 we met Sarah in Nanjing China. She was 4 years old. On April 24Th 2004 we met Thomas in Bangkok Thailand. He was almost 7 years old. So this month Sarah and Thomas will both pass a "milestone". They will both live with our family longer then they lived in an orphanage. We will have a family party the first week of May to celebrate this milestone . It is sobering to think of Thomas living in an over crowded orphanage for 7 years. He played drums in a band this week. He got an A on his last math test. He finally has friends at school. He is the best soccer goalkeeper in the 6Th grade (at least that's what I have been told). And Sarah is reading and doing great in math. She can swim and bike and Rollerblade. She can do Karate. She loves church and she calls me her best friend. 4 years ago she couldn't be in the same room with me without crying. They said I would be her mom, and she was so afraid of the "mommas" at the orphanage. They tied her to her bed and punished her harshly when she took toys or food. We didn't understand why her fear was so great, but it was. But now I'm her best friend. And soon they will both be with us more then in an orphanage. Sarah still has fear. We are going to play therapy to deal with this anxiety. Some things take time to heal. It is a wonder to see how much they have grown.


  1. They are all a miricle of love. Not only have they grown physically and intelectually, they have grown spiritually, socially, and emotionally. You can see it in the way they carry themselves, smile easily, and how they express themselves. You paid a high price for these three jewels, but they are worth it all and much much more. You did good.

  2. precious post and so glad they have been with you and will continue to be yours and you theirs forever!

  3. We just passed this milestone in our daughter's life too. It's a big day when you know they are now living with you more days then they lived without you!