Monday, April 4, 2011

Im in it for good!

Sarah starts play therapy on Friday. She has been home 4 years this week. You would think that's enough time to be 100% adjusted. But she is still having powerful rages of tears. I won't say what set her off tonight but she acted like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum. Juergen tried reason. It only prolonged the whole thing. Maybe it really is a mater of getting his attention (100% attention). But I said he should go...I put her in her bed and was willing to let her cry herself to sleep. She calmed down, but then got worked up praying desperate prayers to God for forgiveness. It could have been funny if it wasn't so pitiful. I came in to her room and told her to calm down. We would talk about it in the morning. And then I put on some music. That did the trick. Sarah is full of rage. The more comfortable she is with us, the more it comes out. I guess it has to come out. It's like an infected wound. You have to drain the puss, and wash the wound. It can not heal any other way. She has a wounded heart. I hope the play therapy works. She has a strong momma. I've dealt with plenty...we will deal with this too. I'm in it for good! Juergen is too. Sometimes I feel like we are totally in the dark, but some how we find our way forward.


  1. You should go to and read the recent post called Expiration date on compassion. I think you'd be encouraged by it.