Thursday, December 2, 2010

sex slavery in America

So many of the kids that are being exploited as sexual slaves come from the US Foster care system. These are kids that never had a good family. They never had anyone to love and protect them. So many people say I thought about adoption, but it just cost too much. It is such a shame and loss that a half a million kids wait in foster care, and it really was not hard for them to be adopted. There is a tax credit that covers the costs. And many states even offer grants that help pay for education, health insurance, and counseling. Sure, many of the kids come from really hard places. They are messy...and they need loads of love and understanding. I just think its a crime when they end up on the streets because a family was not there to give them the love and support every child needs. You do not need to be a perfect person to adopt, you just need to be willing to open your heart to a child that needs a home. BTW, adopting internationally is also messy. Do not fool yourself.

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