Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little Monster Seeks A Family

I'm starting an adoption fund raiser blog. No we are not adopting again (not yet). But I know a local family that does want to adopt. They are trying to adopt domestically but that isn't so easy. In Germany they have 22 families for every baby. Often you wait years, and more often it just doesn't work. I think they would adopt internationally if the money wasn't such an obstacle. So I want to start raising money to give as a grant for adoption. It is only a seed idea. I can not say if it will amount to anything. But you have to start some place. I'm starting with a blog. We will see what comes of it! I don't even know if this local family will try to adopt internationally. I have many friends in the adoption process. I don't think it will be hard to find someone who needs the money we raise. I guess I'm just so convinced kids need families, I had to do something more! Juergen isn't saying yes to kid number 6 (and I can not really blame him). So being part of another families miracle is the next best thing!

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