Monday, November 29, 2010

was I wanted?

Poor Sarah was crying tonight. Some kids at school have been saying she doesn't have "real" parents. So we talked to her about how "real" we are! Her birth family probably could not keep her, because in China you can only have one baby. If they didn't want her, they could have killed her. She was them and by us. I cried for months...begging God and Juergen to let me adopt a Chinese girl. She was wanted! I asked Sarah if Mickey is her dog? She said yes. I said...but he was adopted! He was not born to us...we adopted him! Well, that was pretty simple to accept. Oh course he is ours! And she is ours too. We love her as much as our birth children, as much as our adopted sons. She doesn't look like us, but she belongs to our family. We are not fake parents...we are very real. And the kids at school just don't understand! I actually think they don't feel good about their own lives. They are poor immigrants. They know Sarah is rich. They are just trying to make themselves feel better by putting her down. "I might be poor but at least my parents wanted me" kind of thing! They are blessed to have their birth families. They are blessed to be able to keep their culture and their language..even in an adopted country. I'm very sorry they feel like they need to put Sarah down. She loves these girls. She is heart broken...because she only wants friendship. She does not see race, or nations...she was only looking for friends.


  1. Good way of reassureing her. She is so wanted by many people. She has a very large family that has loved her always an will forever. She is a very blessed child indees.

  2. Bless her heart. That makes me sad for her and those other children who feel the need to put another child down.

  3. Poor immigrants?? Isn't that putting somebody else down to lift up your girls spirit?? I feel for your daughter but I think I would have phrased it a bit different....