Friday, September 17, 2010

Sarah's very special first day of school

The big day finally came! Sarah had her first day of school. We arrived early with Sarah's God Mother Patricia. Actually, we were too early so we went and had a coffee. Then the kids got a tag with an animal on it. There were the bears, the lions, the frogs and the butterflies. I almost cried when I saw a butterfly hanging around Sarah's neck. She is in the same class as her best kindergarten buddy. That's also a gift! The 2ND graders sang a song. The 3rd class did a short play about friendship. Then the kids went to their class for the first hour of instruction. We had coffee with the other parents. The parents are all from different countries. It was a mini united nation. Then we got to go into the classroom and see her desk. Finally we went home and Sarah got to open her gifts (mostly candy). She wore the green jumper Nicole wore on her first day of school. I thought that was special. But the fact that she is in the butterfly group blessed me so much. Somehow it just made me think God's hand remains firmly on Sarah's life. He will be with her, just as he always has been.


  1. She looks so grown up. Our little larva is indeed transforming into a beautiful butterfly. God has without a doubt, always had His hand on Sarah. What's more, He always will.