Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm always going to stand on the side of the kids, not the parents!

I don't think everyone should adopt. I'm just sad people, who in the past would have adopted (it would be a good answer before) now go to science for designer babies. In the past the orphan kids would be OK, but now they are not good enough! The orphan kids were and are great's the parents that have changed. You find me judgmental. I find it cruel to allow children to grow up with out families. I don’t just judge the designer families, I judge our whole society. There is no such thing as throw away kids! Children should be valued, even when they are 2nd hand and a little damaged! If we didn’t have designer babies… many of the orphan children would be wanted. Many more of them would be the dearly loved sons and daughters they should be. It is politically correct to say it is their life, do not judge them. But I look at how a family would have considered adoption in the past…but now they don’t HAVE to do that. Like adoption was a bad idea, but the only choice in the past. Maybe adoption was a good idea in the past, and it still is a good idea! Maybe the designer kids are the bad idea! But if I’m wrong…tell me, what is the answer for the 200 million orphans in this world? Sure, adoption is not for everyone. But it still amazes me how people who try science and fail , then somehow soften their hearts to adoption. When you want to be a parent, and those 2nd hand broken orphan kids are your only hope…they all of a sudden don’t look so bad after all! We are all broken...and none of us is perfect. Birth children are a risk. My oldest birth child has autism. Maybe we should think more as a society, and less as individuals. Is it morally and ethically right to be creating designer children, when 200 million children are orphans? Forgive me for this rant…but I got e-mail saying I shouldn’t judge people who want designer babies. I shouldn't judge them. This is true! And adoption is not for everyone...true! But 200 million children should not grow up in an over crowded orphanage, foster home, or alone on the street. Seriously, if people are desperate to love a child, why not consider adoption? Shouldn't they invest more thought into the idea of learning to love a child they did not bear? I know it's not hard to love orphans...they grow on you when you are willing to open your heart.

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  1. I'm not disagreeing with you that children should be valued and put first. I certainly feel the same way as you! and Adoption is my heart and not only do I find it a blessing in my life to have experienced adoption I share with everyone who wants to listen what a great option it is (for me). My disagreement with your original post is the "pedastal" approach you take. We all have our cause we champion- one is not better or more important than the other. Thank God we do not all champion the same cause- you and I speak for adoption but I'm very thankful for the person that speaks out and raises funds for the elderly, cancer, homelessness, etc. I have a very good friend who was not able to have children without science.....her husband was not in love with the idea of adoption....but they wanted to be a family. I do not judge them for using science to get the family they wanted.....the judging is not for me to do (even if maybe I don't agree with them) what I do know for sure though, is a child adopted into their home would have not been loved the way my daughter is (or your children are) fully, wholly and without reservation.....that would not be good either for the child. Millions of children wait for a family- that breaks my heart into a million and 1 little can not say that everyone who uses science to have a family did not consider adoption first- maybe they did (and yes, maybe they didn't.) adoption is NOT for everyone and not everyone can adopt.....some people are excluded from adoption by mistakes in their past- so they turn to science- there is no background check for this! I think you should continue your voice on this issue- it is important.....but maybe speak out for adoption and not out against those who do not see things your way (people would be more inclined to rethink their position if they didn't feel they were being judged)....and that is just my humble opinion.