Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boys wanted

My boys are both from Thailand. Both waited years in an orphanage in Thailand. They waited for families. Sarah was abandoned when she was a day old because she was a girl. This story makes me sad...but it's the culture in China. That's how it is. I understand it, but I don't like it. There are so many waiting boys, but people feel like they must make designer boys. We have not learned to value what is there! I know it's not that simple. But why create more boys, why not value the ones already born? If a Thai family wants a boy, why make one…why not adopt one? When we didn’t have this technology, they would consider adoption. They would consider loving a boy with a minor special need. But now they can pay the money, and get a designer baby. And all the children that would have been loved just wait….sometimes forever!

My kids were not designed by a Dr, they were designed by God himself. They were fearfully and wonderfully made. I’m not agents invetro (well, not 100% agents it…I personally would never do it). But if you have birth children, why finish your family with invetro? Adoption is such a miracle…why not participate in another kind of miracle? Why do children wait…and our answer is just make more children`


  1. Although I understand your passion for this topic, not everyone feels the same way.

    Even in the US, which is considered a very liberal country in regards to special needs adoption, most people do not want special needs children. Special needs children have medical or social needs that not every family is equipped to handle. Second, adoption is very expensive and it certainly doesn't cost 9K to adopt a baby from Thailand. Thailand is considered an "affordable" country to adopt from but its going to cost about 20-30K for the whole process - which is more than three times the amount this family paid. Not everyone qualifies for the tax adoption credit either. Third, adoption is not for everyone. I understand that adoption was the best choice for your family but not everyone feels that way. There are some people in this world who feel they cannot love a biological child as much as an adopted one.

  2. I totally agree with inside the darkroom. while adoption was a great choice for our family I know (personally) people who do not feel it would work for their family- they question whether or not they could love the child....and truthfully they SHOULD NOT adopt if they are questioning their ability to see past the adoption......please becareful judging others for not making the same choice as you- it is as important for these peole to NOT adopt as it is for you or I to adopt......just my opinion.