Wednesday, July 21, 2010

5 year old boy with CP needs a family now...all costs are covered by a grant

Here is a post about a 5 year old boy with CP who really needs a family before he is transfered from the babies home to a mental asylum because he has CP. Monroe WILL be transferred in just six months time. That's how long a family has to get to him. The institution he will be moved to is known to be one of the worst in the country. There is no way sweet Monroe can survive there. Absolutely no way. Please will you pray with me? Please will you help me spread the word about Monroe?

All he needs is someone to say, "Here I am Lord, send me!" Everything else is already provided. Due to an incredibly generous benefactor, the adoption costs for Monroe are completely covered! Monroe has a $20 000.00 grant....

$20 000.00!

MORE information is HERE.

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