Friday, April 16, 2010


A little girl is rescued in China. She is pulled from a fallen building. Who knows what kind of life she will now lead? All the homes and schools have fallen down. At least she still has a family. Her mother was also rescued. There are thousands of little girls and boys in China waiting for someone to pull them from the life they are leading...a life without family. Most are older and have minor special needs. But the greatest need they have is a need to belong. Adoption is powerful. It isn't exactly a's really so much more then that. The rescue workers pulled this girl out of the rubble, but they will not stand by her as she grows up. They will not make sure she has all the food cloths and education she needs. They will not be there to laugh with her, or hold her when she is sad. Families do more then rescue children...they love children. The millions of orphans world wide need families to pull them out of hopelessness and be there to share life! Please consider adoption.

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