Thursday, April 15, 2010

my little martyr

Sarah was playing with Thomas. Then I hear a fight. Sarah is hitting Thomas in the face with Lego. I'm not clear why, but that just isn't done. So I say cut it out! Sarah leaves with an attitude, bad mouthing Thomas and me. I say go sit in your room. So now I hear my little martyr sitting in her room trying to work up some tears. She can not cry like she once could. Sometimes I think she misses those good old days of crying for hours...making her mom feel like slim under rocks. But honestly, she just hasn't got that in her anymore. I care allot about character and respect. I make my kids check their poor attitudes. She wants to have a tuff attitude lately. Maybe she thinks that makes her older? She is the baby of the family. That's not an easy role to play.

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