Wednesday, February 24, 2010

school news

All the interviews and evaluations are complete and Sarah gets to go to the special grade school for children that are language delayed. You have to have normal intelligence to attend this school. The classes are small (6 kids I think). They have longer hours and speech therapy. They actually require more from these kids then the normal grade school. She will be picked up on the bus. It is a 4 year school. Thomas went there too. We tried to get Philip in but he had too many learning problems. This is a huge relief to us. Our autistic daughter Jessica also gets to stay at her school next year. So it looks like everything is settled school wise for at least one more year. Nicole graduates (God willing) a year from April. So Nicole’s direction, and Jessica’s direction are the next big things to settle...but we have awhile to figure that all out. We have 5 kids at 5 different schools. Each child is different and so very special. I'm grateful we have so many choices for them. They are finally all doing well in school. Amazing!

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