Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah

I was up late wrapping gifts and making gift bags for Sarah's birthday. Sarah was excited to open her presents this morning. She had asked for a certain Bionical. I couldn't find it, so I bought her another one. She was upset, and the boys didn't help. If fact they all made me feel like mud as they described how wrong I was. I felt kicked. Gang kicked! Maybe it's because I was so tired. I don't know but it really hurt. I couldn't stay at the table, I had to go leave and cry. I know...your kids are all so perfect. They would never ever act in such a mean and ungracious manner. Sarah eventually said she was sorry. I yelled at the boys. I told them I am not going to buy them anymore gifts. If they want gifts they can ask their Dad for them. Very mature of me! They haven't said sorry yet. We will talk later. It's almost impossible to get the words I am sorry out of them. It's like saying your sorry is a direct ticket back to the orphanage. But people make mistakes. We all need to learn. That's why children need parents. My children need to learn to receive a gift with grace. They also need to apologize when they make a mistake. Sarah will have a happy birthday. She is at church. Her friends come for a party later today. I'll talk with my sons. It will be ok. I'm so happy for all of you because your lives are so perfect, and your children are such angels. I'm no angel...and my kids aren't either. We are all in process. Some times the process stinks!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sarah from Yreka, California from Aunt Shelley and Uncle Eric.