Friday, January 15, 2010

AAI has 3 of the most beautiful kids

AAI has a group of 3 beautiful kids waiting to be adopted. They all seem very smart, and they are very very beautiful!!! I will not post their photo because Ethiopia is very sensitive to this kind of thing.

This lovely sibling group of three has been living at Layla House for more than two years now and are some of our longest waiting children. child 1, the oldest, is now about 15 and his sister is 14. Child 3, the younger brother, is about 12. Social workers describe them as an "exceptional group of kids" who are unusually close and always watch out for each other. All three are fine students and of course avid soccer players too.

A recent volunteer at Layla writes that child 1 is on track to be the "next Pele" but is also a top student and "thrives when given special responsibilities." In a report by a social worker, He is described as "wise beyond his years, inquisitive and thoughtful" but also as "a ham who likes to make the girls laugh."

Of child 2, our volunteer says that this sweet girl "presents herself in a shy manner. Although she stands in the back of the crowd, she still is a leader among the group of older girls and is undeniably an understanding, helpful and sweet-mannered person. Her presence is calm and quiet and her smile is radiant, usually constant once in her comfort zone." With adults, she is described as respectful and responsible and her English skills are excellent.

Child 3, the youngest at 12, has impressed everyone with his English skills and is often called upon to translate when visitors arrive. Our volunteer wrote that he "also has accomplished the impressive feat of memorizing all the states of the U.S., their capitals and their abbreviations." She describes his personality as "fun-loving and easygoing" and notes that he enjoys interacting with the younger children on the compound.

All three of these children are eager to find a family. Adopting older children presents unique challenges in parenting. Experience, flexibility and a strong support system are all very necessary for success. The AAI staff is ready and willing to discuss these challenges with interested families and to share more about these children or other waiting sibling groups.

If you would like to help but are unable to adopt, please consider a gift to the GRACE Fund so we can place more of our longest waiting children with families. Online donations can be made at this link.

or contact Adoption Advocates International 1- 360-452-4777

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