Sunday, August 9, 2009

they are on their way

The boys are on their way to summer camp. They are smiling, and I'm a mess! I want them to have a great time. I guess I still feel they will not remember to take their medicine, or change their underwear. Last year Thomas (who is lactose intolerant) drank normal milk. He was so sick…not pretty! He is bringing his own milk, but he has to remember to drink it. And Philip has trouble with reading. I worry if he is called on to read. Oh, I hope they grow up...and that they have a great time. They need to get out from under the care of mommy, step up to the plate and handle things alone. They will probably do fine...but I'm nervous! I will be so glad if they have a good experience. It’s a Christian camp. I also want them to grow closer to God. I’m very anxious, but I need to just pray and let them go. They are on their way, and even though it's going to be very quite and peaceful around here...I'm going to miss them!


  1. Wow Amy, the boys look so grown up in that photo. How old are they again?

  2. Letting go is hard to do, but do it.
    Love, Shelley