Monday, August 10, 2009

I am thinking of them

I could hear rain outside my window this morning. It felt good, but I was thinking of my poor sons. The camp they are at has a very cool program. They hike two days in teams just to get to the camp. They carry back packs, and sleeping bags. They slept outside under the stars. I hope they didn't wake up to the same rain! And yesterday their team leader had a super surprise for them...bikes. They got bikes while the other team had to walk. But this morning they will have discovered that the other team had stolen their bikes in the night. So they have to walk 5 hours to camp...maybe in the rain. Oh boy!!! I can see their faces! I have to laugh. What a learning experience. I think the camp leadership does an amazing job building a united team. And it is struggle that actually makes us strong. Perhaps we make everything too nice for our spoiled children? I'm nervous to hear how it all goes this week. Philip (10 years old) and Thomas (almost 12) need to grow up. Sarah had a fit yesterday because she wanted to go to camp. This morning I gave her a hard time. I said maybe we should put a heavy pack on her back and take her for a two hour walk in the rain? She said no, she is happy to be in the house today! God bless my boys. Give them joy, and good friends. Make this a cool adventure! They will not be the same when they come home. They will be more grown up...

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