Friday, July 24, 2009

A one on one with Philip

We started doing a work chart /point thing with our kids. They get a point when they do a job, and after 15 points they get a special time out with Juergen or I. Philip earned 15 points so I took him to get a new hair cut, and buy some new cool cloths. The summer "baggy shorts" where 70% off. He can probably only wear them for a few months in Germany...but he will look too cool in Thailand. So after the new hair cut I took him to this small hole in the wall Chinese place for dinner. We had a good talk. I think he should do one more activity each week. Right now he has Taekwondo and youth group at church. He thought he might like to learn to ride a horse. Did you know Philip means "lover of horses"? He is even interested in helping clean the stables as a job. So there are stables near us. I asked about the price of lessons last year. I think they were reasonable. What maybe even better is lessons in exchange for some work. Philip wants to work. It gives his a better self esteem. I wish Thomas wanted to work…but he will get there. Thomas has his own strengths. So I will let Philip ride a horse on the beach everyday in Thailand, and maybe arrange for lessons this fall. Part of our conversation was about how he felt about the orphan visit. He said he felt very good about it. I asked him if he remembers the nannies? He said no. I said that didn't surprise me he was only 2 1/2 when he left the orphanage. I told him they do remember him. They are so proud when they see one of the babies they loved doing so well. I told Philip the nannies will be so proud to see him!


  1. Have a great time in Thailand. Phillip's nannies will be very proud of him!

  2. It's good to have a special day with Phillip. So many siblings to compete for you attention.
    I'm sure that's hard sometimes.
    Hope things will start looking up.