Friday, May 8, 2009

running on empty

Boy what a week! What a hard week!!! We all have them. I’m fried! I will not boar you with the details…so many troubles! Nicole for example got lice again and gave them to Sarah and Jessica (30 loads of laundry and counting). So I’m tired and stressed and need a vacation. My brother comes in about a week. I know he will want to see as much of Europe as he can. I hope he doesn’t mind if I take a nap first.

Heather is still in China and HERE is her blog. My friend Jill leaves for China today. HERE is her blog. They have both adopted "older" SN girls. They are so blessed! God send me!!! Have a good and safe weekend. I'll try to get that nap...I need to be ready for the big tour of Europe! I really am looking forward to my brother coming...I'm just so tired.


  1. Lice is a bothersome thing to deal with. Remember when grandma Moreno used carasene on our hair to kill the lice and our hair. It's a good think hair grows back.
    Boy was mom mad.

  2. On the internet you can purchase "nitmix", besides killing lice it is preventative ( it is all natural essentail oils) you use a little in a bottle of water and spritz your kids hair everyday and you never get it back!!!!!!!! Been there done that---never again!!!