Monday, May 4, 2009

The kids were free so how could we say no?

I'm so excited and amazingly blessed! We are planning another trip to Thailand during the summer vacation. Lufthansa had the child tickets for free, and adult prices are pretty low too. We jumped at the chance to take the boys back to their home country for a few weeks of sun and surf! We hope to spend two days in Bangkok visiting the orphanage and shopping. Then we want to spend the rest of our time in Hua Hin...we love it there! I feel a little guilty taking two vacations this year, but I just could not pass up the bargain price (you can not beat 3 free tickets). Thomas turns 12years old 3 days after we get home. Next time we will have to pay full price for him. What a gift it is to take the boys home again! I love Thailand!!! My brother comes (God willing) in less then two weeks. If the flu does not ruin things we will be going to Paris for a few days, then Cyprus for almost two weeks. My house needs painting and I need a new bathroom but I guess that can just wait until the kids are grown up.

The 1st photo is of Philip and Thomas on the beach in Hua Hin, Thailand in 2004. They grow up so fast!!! The 2nd photo is from 2006 in Bangkok. Thomas almost looks the same but Philip changed.

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