Friday, May 15, 2009

a mazing grace

I waited a whole 7 months for an appointment to check if Philip could hear or process language correctly. After 8 years in Germany his speech is still very delayed. I also had a referral for Sarah but no appointment. I brought Sarah with me to Philip's appointment and by God's grace they checked her too (no 7 months wait). Both kids are fine. They can hear and process language fine. Both need speech therapy, and now I have a referral for speech(these days it's not easy to get a referral for speech). Sarah's hearing in her right ear is maybe only 80% good. Philip has basically zero memory. He can remember one word 95% of the time, but 4 words only 2% correctly. If anyone has a clue what might help his memory I could use some direction. We have done a million tests and seem to keep hitting a million dead ends. I'm glad he can hear but I feel pretty lost and frustrated. There has to be something I can do to help him! So now we will go stand in line for speech therapy (this could take many months). Being a parent to a SN kid is not a sprint, it's a Marathon.


  1. I'm no specialist but I use to play the memory game with Carmen and Lissa a lot. It's where you have cardboard tiles and two of them match. Yo have them upside down and mix them up with other tiles and your kids were to only filp two tiles to see if they match. If they didn't they had to put them upside down in the same place and then try again till they found the matching tiles.

  2. Philip has a very good visual memory. He always wins this game. He can not remember what he hears.