Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I heart faces Laughter

This weeks I heart faces theme was laughter. I was too late with my post. Oh well! We laugh allot at our house. We could use some laughter these days! We have had some very hard weeks. One of Nicole’s friends has cancer, and my Mom just fell and broke her leg. When it rains it pours! My brother comes , God willing on Sunday. I have plans to take him to Paris, then Cyprus. I am so tired and so ready for a vacation! Creativity flows out of me when I am rested and laughing.

Kids Entry-

This is Thomas on his 10th birthday! What joy!

Adult Entry-

This is Sarah and I having fun with the camera.

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  1. Mom is finally settled at the nursing home. The staff seems very caring and helpful. She needs to rest she's has had hardly any sleep in the hospital. I hope she can rest now.
    Love, Shelley