Thursday, April 2, 2009

My daughter - We picture this

we picture {this}

My daughter Sarah by Amy Heymann

We picture this has the theme daughters for April. I have 3 beautiful daughters. I can never get all 3 of them in a photo together. Jessica has autism and will not cooperate. April is the month I got Sarah. In fact it has been 2 years April 9Th. If you followed my blog back then you know how much I wanted my daughter. It hurt really bad when she rejected me. It took months and months before I could be in the same room with Sarah without her crying. She has a loyal heart. She loved her Chinese Nanny very much, and she did not want another mom. Today she loves me best! I think she loves me even more then her Papa. In the first photo she is sleeping in China. She slept in her cloths. In fact it took days before she would allow us to change her cloths. She was so afraid but she had the face of an angel. Today she is a force of nature! She is much more of a pirate then a princess. It was extraordinarily hard to win her heart, but now that I have it I can say it was worth all the pain. I am so blessed to have Sarah as my daughter.

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  1. I can't believe Sarah has been home 2 years already! How time flies. She is the cutest pirate I know! Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary!