Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy birthday Thomas

Thomas was adopted when he was almost 7 years old. Today he turned 15. Juergen took him to McDonalds for breakfast. A few friends have been here all day. Another friend will spend the night Saturday. And he will have a bigger party after school starts. They will play indoor soccer with a real trainer. So life isn't too bad for him! He is taller then I am. He eats everything in sight. And his character is also growing. He just spent 10 days volunteering at a summer camp. I had to make him go, but he worked hard once he got there. He is not yet a man, not yet a child. He needs to be pushed and helped but he does so well once he begins. And I think I will not need to push him much longer. He is growing up and I am sure he will make us proud. I wish his birth parents could see what an amazing person he is. I wish they just knew him...and I would thank them for giving him a chance to change the world. Maybe someday I could tell them?

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