Monday, July 30, 2012

Disneyland Paris

We dropped the kids off at camp and drove to Paris. The drive was very nice. The girls were wonderful in the car. Sarah had an I-pod to play with, and Jessica could watch a movie. Juergen and I could talk. It was nice. We walked around the shopping mall next to our hotel. Then we checked in. The hotel was clean and actually nice for the cheap price. I would gladly recommend it to anyone traveling to Paris on a budget. But Jessica would not sleep. Juergen and I were both so frustrated. She would not sleep until 3am. Then she woke up at 8am. So we should have just said no to Disneyland. I should have dropped Juergen and Sarah off at the park, and saved the 15 Euro parking fee, plus the 10 Euro dog kennel fee, and the 60 Euro entrance fee. But we wanted it to work. So we tried. And Jess was awful. She was just too tired to handle it. So Juergen and I took turns with Sarah in Disneyland and Jessica in the car. And we were angry and disappointed. But I could have driven to Monet’s garden in the North of Paris. I could have chosen a better direction considering Jessica’s condition. I was not very wise. I wanted it to work and I just didn't read the situation with open eyes. But I did get good pictures of Sarah in the park. And Sarah was so wonderful. She loved Disneyland. And Juergen and I both got to share good moments with her there. And Jessica was happy in the car. And the trip home was another very good talk with Juergen. So over all it was worth the trouble. I'm glad we did it. I just need to be willing to adjust my plans if Jessica can not fit into my plans. It would have been better for all of us to not push it. Autism is the pits, and we are just imperfect people trying the best we can to live a normal life. Considering the circumstances, I think we do OK. But it’s pretty hard sometimes. I can not lie, it really can be frustrating. But I love Jessica. And I totally love Juergen because he still made it awesome just be walking the hard road with me. And I never saw Sarah so patient and good before. She reminded me of Nicole. She really was awesome!

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