Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's been 5 years

Sarah came home 5 years ago. It was a very stressful experience for all of us. She had some very serious attachment issues. But today she is attached. I would love to report that all is well. She still has trouble with transitions. She still goes to a special school for kids that have speech delays. She still goes to speech therapy. But we will work through these things too. I imagine in another 5 years she will be ahead of her class. She tried to win the title of "best reader" in her school. She ended up in 6th place. But she is determined. And reading helps her with her language skills. She is also a good swimmer, she knows karate, she loves to go to church, and she loves to cook. I still can not believe China let me walk out of the country with one of their most valuable children. She is extremely beautiful in every way. And I'm glad she is ours!

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