Sunday, January 8, 2012

sad...what do you think?

So sad, but the dad asked for her at 4 months of age. I know people that adopted "older" kids(I adopted "older" kids), and those kids did just fine. My heart goes out to the adopted parents, but I can not understand why the father had to wait so long for his child. There are far too many children "waiting " for families. Kids that don't have biological parents that want them. If this dad had decided after 2 or 3 years...oh I want my kid, then that is another story. But he asked for her in writing after only 4 months. Maybe he even asked for her right away, just after birth. They should not have fought him...he had a right to his child. But cases like this drive people to international adoption. They should make the laws fair, and very clear so kids do not get jerked from one family to the next. I'm both a biological mom, and an adoptive mom. I'm sorry...but I just have to take the biological dads side in this. I'm very sad for the adoptive parents. How awful! But why did they fight the father for so long? I'm sure it would have been better for the child to go to her birth family at 4 months of age.

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  1. This is incredibly sad, but it's the gamble we take when we go "all in" to raise someone else's child. We love children not born to us. Children who are irrevocably tied, biologically and maybe more, to two people that are other than we who raise them. I feel awful for the adoptive family. I also feel awful for the Native American children who were ripped from their families and forced to attend boarding schools- probably the reason for the Indian Child Welfare Act in the first place.

    I am sure this little girl will appreciate that her father went to such lengths to be in his daughter's life. And wouldn't each of us do that same?