Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No words

My oldest daughter Jessica has lice (not fun). To be on the safe side I washed my hair, and Sarah's hair with the lice shampoo. Then I took Sarah to her speech therapy. I dropped her off and drove to pick Thomas up from school. My cell phone is broken. I missed the calls from her therapist. It seems Sarah told her she had lice. The therapist thought...oh no, and she made Sarah sit in the garden...alone. Sarah had to wait 45 minutes until I returned. The therapist watched her from a distance. She didn't want to get lice. But Sarah didn't have lice...I had just washed her hair "just in case". The sad thing is her language is so delayed she couldn't explain this to the therapist. Poor Sarah was in tears and i felt so sad. It has not been my best day!

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