Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adopt a boy

I read on Rainbow kids that in 2005 34% of all International adoptions were boy adoptions. In 2010 that number is up to 44%. They think people sharing their adoption stories on the internet is the reason more boys are now finding families. Pretty cool don't you think?

Here are my boys! We adopted Philip in 2001 from Bangkok Thailand. In 2004 we returned to Bangkok to adopt Thomas. They were in the same group together. We had met Thomas when we picked up Philip. Thomas is in the 6th grade, and plays the drums and soccer. He is a bit shy, and loves Lego and computer games. Philip is in the 5th grade. He is outgoing one. The "clown" of the family! He loves all sports. He is on the swim team. He likes to watch TV. He is a pretty good artist. He loves animals. The slideshow covers 2004-2006.

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  1. simply wonderful to read those figures.!