Thursday, January 20, 2011

Working on their Spiritual foundation

I am a Christian. It is important to me to teach my values and beliefs to my children. I think they have the choice (from God) to accept or reject what is taught. But it is my job to teach it. This can be a big challenge. Philip and Thomas both have ADHD. They have never liked sitting still and listening to anything. Nicole and I have read the Bible together for years. I think Thomas is at a point you could read the Bible with him. Philip just isn’t there yet. So I bought “Super book” DVD’s on e-bay. They came in the mail. Last night I watched the first film with Sarah and Philip. They are kind of hokey. Philip didn’t want to watch it, but I made him watch anyway ( He is a kid and I do not always give him a choice). It was the story of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve had a choice. They could do what God said, or they could do what they wanted to do. They choose to do what they wanted. You could blame it on the snake…but it was their choice. The truth is we all have choices. And we all have to live with the consequences of our choices. If we choose to study for school, we most likely do well on the test. If I say to Philip do not smoke because it will kill your lungs and make you poor (cigarettes cost allot of money), he still has a choice. He can decide to smoke…but he will not escape the consequences. There is a principle at work. I’m not calling smoking a moral choice, it’s a physical choice that carries a physical consequence. But there are also moral choices, spiritual laws at work. And if you choose to honor God, he will honor you. I believe this to be true. It is what I am teaching my kids. Maybe you believe as I do, and maybe you believe something else? But are you teaching your children the things you believe? We all learn by example and words. Words mean nothing with out the example. But words can mean a great deal if you are living them out the best you can (no one is perfect). When Sarah says a bad word because she is mad at Philip, Philip didn’t make her say it. Philip made her angry, but she can choose her own words. This is the lesson of Adam and Eve. It’s a lesson of personal responsibility. Anyway, this is what I’m teaching my children. I hope my actions are powerful enough to back up the words I am using.

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