Monday, January 24, 2011

take a look at Evan

Here is LWB blog post about Evan. Evan is a "special focus" child. He is 13 months old. He had heart surgery, and needs 2 more surgeries before his heart is healed. It sounds like he will be fine after surgery. I have 2 heart babies (Jessica and Philip), and believe me, surgery can do wonders! I got an e-mail from Great Wall of China agency. They wrote,
Evan is able to creep, roll over, grasp toys with his fingers and thumb, and responds to his name. He loves to be stroked and talked to and will respond with great interest to interaction. Evan enjoys being tickled and giggles aloud.
It would be best for Evan to be matched with a family who already has a dossier registered with the CCAA so that he may come home as soon as possible. He is a Special Focus child, so a family could adopt him at the same time as another special needs child, while maintaining a place in line for the regular program or within 12 months of a previous adoption. So if you are in the long waiting line for a healthy baby, or waiting for a TA for your SN child, you can adopt Evan too. If you adopted in the last 12 months from China, you could also be considered as parents for Evan. Imagine! He is so beautiful and he could be yours! Contact Great Wall of China for more information.
Phone: (512) 323-9595 ext. 3053
Fax: (512) 323-9599

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