Sunday, November 7, 2010

We are adopting again

I wish I could write that we were adopting again. I never stop looking for a sister for Sarah. But Juergen is 51 years old, I'm 49. Most doors are already closed to us because of our age, and because we live in Germany. I'm so grateful to God for the 3 kids we did adopt. I'm grateful that God provided the money we needed, and all the grace to get through the paperwork, and the transition/bonding time. Our kids our amazing. They have really turned a corner. The boys drove me crazy last year I must confess. But they are growing past that selfish, lazy stage. They surprise me all the time...and they make me very proud. Today is orphan Sunday. It is a day to recognize the 167 million or so orphans around the world. Know one knows the exact number. Know one but God. He knows them each by name, and loves them all so much. You may ask yourself how could a loving God allow children to live in over crowded orphanages, and on the streets? The answer is you. God told you, and me to care for orphans (the fatherless). It is repeated over and over in the Bible. So many see this as an option. I... A) teach Sunday school B) sing in the choir or C) take care of orphans. While it is true we can not do everything, this one thing caring for the fatherless, widows, and the poor is basically at the top of Gods list. And so I ask you to consider where it stands on your list of priorities. What have you done for the fatherless? 167 million children are waiting for you to do something. Each one has a name, each one deserves the love of a family.

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