Monday, October 11, 2010

In their own words

I asked the kids what they did in school today. Here is what they said...

Sarah (first grader)- School was nice. I hung up my jacket. We sat quite. I learned writing and the number 6. I have my friends. We laughed. I feel good. I'm not sick anymore. I have a new back pack. I love school allot! I do sports in school. I always play with my friends. I'm in the butterfly group.

Philip (5Th grade)- We had math and science in school today. We also worked with a saw. I cut out a heart. Tomorrow we have sports!
After school I had swimming team. There are 10 kids in my group. We practice different strokes. I did pretty good. I lost my glasses today. I feel bad about that!

Thomas (6th grade)- In the first hour of school we talk about the weekend. I told the class I helpped paint the fence. Then we had 2 hours of sports. We walked 1000 meters around the track. Then I played scoccer in the sports hall. I was the goal keeper. I had math. I'm practicing for a test we will take on the 20th. Then we had German. Then lunch. I eat noodles with meat sauce. It was just ok. We played tag. After lunch I had English. I got my test back. It was a B. Then I had Geography. We are learning the capital cities of Europe. That's it! It was a long day!

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