Wednesday, October 6, 2010

in the hospital

Sarah was fine when she went to bed last night. About 1am she woke with a high fever and swollen cheeks (extremely swollen). So Juergen took her to the hospital. They checked her in at 3:30am and began IV antibiotics. They ran tests today. She has an infection in her Salivary Glands. This may or may not be a secondary infection. Until they rule out the mumps, she and Juergen are under quarinteen. They should know something tomorrow around noon our time. This happens to be the 20th wedding anniversary of Juergen and I. It's a little sad, but funny he is quarantined in the hospital today. Really, all that maters to me right now is Sarah is OK. She has to receive IV antibiotics for 3 more days. But she is very stable, and it looks like she will be fine. Juergen and I love each other, and we will have by God's grace many happy days ahead. Today we are so glad Sarah looks like she will recover. I do not know what it means to our family if she really does have the mumps. We may need to be under quarantine for awhile? I do not want that to happen, so please pray it doesn't happen!

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  1. Aww.. I hope Sarah feels better and everything is okay. Saying a prayer for you guys. Happy Anniversary to you guys as well.