Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Philip!

We don't really know when Philip was born. We have an "official" birthday as 1.1.1998 but we always celebrate on October 17Th. It's a long story. Anyway, today is the day we celebrate Philip's birth! Philip is now 12 years old. He is sick today. That's kind of sad. But the party is planned for next Saturday (a bowling party). We will also celebrate Thomas' birthday too. Thomas has a birthday during the summer vacation. He never gets a friend party. The boy's each got to invite 4 friends. So we have 10 boys bowling next Saturday. We found a place that gives them drinks, pizza, candy and cookies, shoes and 2 hours of bowling for a special price! I love a deal! And the best part is no mess or stress for me! Birthday parties are something allot of kids take for granted. Kids in orphanages do not celebrate birthdays. They do not get gifts. They often own nothing, not even a pair of shoes. My boys have trouble making real friends. I'm so glad both boys actually have friends this year to celebrate with! We are finally seeing progress in this department! I made invitations from airplane postcards I got on board a flight I took last year. I printed the invitation, and the boys glued it to the back of the post card. Very easy! I wish all life was this easy! Anyway, happy birthday to my super cool son! He is funny and loving, and I'm so glad he is in my life!


  1. Happy Birthday Philip
    Love, Aunt Shelley and Uncle Eric

  2. Great idea for the invitations.
    must remember that one.