Monday, October 25, 2010

first birthday

Thomas is 13 years old. He has been with us 6 years. But in 6 years he has always chosen to have a family birthday party. The truth is, it's hard for him to make/and keep friends. He is sort of shy. It's been kind of hard for him to break the ice. Every time he makes a good friend, they move away. It's happened a few times. But this year he actually has friends. He had a friend party on Saturday. It was a joint party with Philip. Each boy invited 4 friends. All but 2 kids came. They went bowling, and afterwards played on the computer, and played soccer at home. My camera totally broke! So I do not have photo's. But Thomas and Philip were both very happy. I'm especially happy for Thomas. It was a major deal for him to finally ask friends to his birthday...and have them say yes! It always amazes me how much we all take for granted. Friends at parties is pretty "normal" for most kids. But for some even finding and keeping friends is a giant, giant step!

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  1. Happy Birthday Thomas enjoy the day.
    Love, Uncle Eric and Aunt Shelley