Monday, September 6, 2010

We finally got our package

I had to pay 150 Euros in taxes. Killer! But our biofeedback machine came in the mail. "Smart Brain Technology" sent it to Denmark instead of Germany. Maybe they should use their own equipment? Anyway, after 8 weeks of waiting for an express package, I got it! Philip did well with the biofeedback. There is an audio feedback that tells you you are using the correct brainwaves. He did a PlayStation snowboard game with the biofeedback. Afterwards he built the coolest Lego truck. Then Thomas used it. He is the most affected with ADHD. He drove a car on PlayStation. He had a really hard time staying in the "zone". Afterwards he was so tired he cried. He looked like he ran a marathon. I think the training will help him the most, but it's very hard for him. I will only allow him to train with it every other day, 30 minutes at a time. Then Sarah did it. She was on target from the start. She has a healthy brain.

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  1. Praise God it finally got there. My hope is that not only will it do what you have prayed about, but will also be a means of focus that will occupy the kids while Juergen is away. This will give you a break too. You didn't memtion how Jess did. Has she tried it yet? Mom