Friday, September 3, 2010

We are home

We got home last night. The trip was ok, but not really all I had hoped for. It rained a great deal of the time. The house was super small. The kids had mega energy. I felt trapped most of the time. I guess for this reason , I'm so glad we are home. Our house is maybe 10 times as big as that small Dutch house was. At least I can find a small spot to think here. But sadly our vacation is nearly over. I feel kind of like I survived it, but didn't honestly enjoy it. I enjoyed parts of it. I'm sure when the bad stress fades, I'll recall only the good times we had. We did have some good times. But I'm not relaxed, I'm still stressed. School begins soon. The grapes in my yard have gotten rotten from too much rain. I feel like I've been robbed of sunshine, robbed of a real summer. I only got rain, and now it will be fall. I totally needed some sunshine. Does that make any since? I feel as water logged and moldy as most of the plants in my garden. Sunshine is so good for the soul, and that season is gone. I do not feel like I have the courage and strenghth to head into another fall. I need some grace and some rest. I feel very tired. I had hoped to feel energized!

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